What We Do

During the early 1900's, almost every home in America had a piano. It was the family's entertainment piece. It was played regularly and often including all holidays, birthdays, etc. The gathering of all family bonded the family very closely together. As the decades progressed, the TV, Radio, Telephone, etc became competition to the piano. In the last 15 years, seems that the personal devices are all absorbing to many so much so that these devices stand in the way of many other self improvement issues. 

PianosForEducation began in 1999 and was founded and funded by David England. David comments, "Seems that more and more people were only using their thumbs (on their personal devices) instead of their entire hands to play the piano." It was then that David began to promote more piano education by loaning pianos to various musical venues. He arranged the first piano loan program with Georgia Tech Music Department and Georgia Tech Alumni Association. Each year for the next many years some 15 to 25 pianos were furnished so that piano studies and education could be further not only with Georgia Tech Music students enrolled in the music program but for the many others Georgia Tech students that played the piano but were not enrolled in their music program. Many faculty, students, and special program benefitted from this program.

During this time, others learned of this program and applied to PianosForEducation for piano loan programs. Oglethorpe University, The Atlanta Opera, and others were granted piano loan programs to support their music efforts as well.

As years went on, PianosForEducation applied for IRS 501(c)(3) status. After some 18 months wait, the IRS granted their nationwide non-profit status. David donated them his existing piano loan programs and existing piano inventory to PianosForEducation.org and began to put a 5 member Board of Directors in place. All of the original Board of Director members had spent their careers in fine arts and piano education. It made a perfect fit for the growth that ensued.

While we know we can't change society as a while, we do know that each person that has a piano education will be a better, more responsible citizen. Their lives will enrich others around them due to the life benfits piano playing teaches us.

Our complete purpose is to support piano education. Over time, our programs have expanded to include many various methods of accomplishing our purpose. One way we do this is by identifing institutions and other deserving venues or associations that lack the quantity and/or quality of pianos needed to support their piano-education programs. Once identified, each is ask to submit a grant application for review by our Executive Director. If approved by the Executive Director, then the grant is present to the Board of Directors for their approval. Those approved are granted a piano loan program. We also accept applications from private teachers for piano loans to support their studios and students’ studies. All of our pianos are required to be regularly serviced and maintained to a quality standard during the terms of these loan programs.

As an IRS-approved, 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity 509(a)(2) organization, we accept donations of time, pianos, and monetary contributions to help support our program. In addition to the backing of corporate sponsors such as Amazon, Kroger, Visa and others, we receive cash contributions from individuals whose employers then match their cash contributions. From time to time, we also sponsor fundraising events at which we make available to the general public pianos that have been loaned for short periods of time or donated to our organization. When a purchase is made, the purchaser receives a 40% tax deduction of the amount paid.

What we do benefits everyone we touch, and society will be better due to our efforts and success.