the College Board reports students with an involvement in piano scored an average of 100 points higher on the SAT test than students without any piano training.
Some of the benefits of playing the piano include developing strong discipline skills, patience, coordination, and dedication as well as an increased ability to memorize.

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Our organization's purpose is to support piano education in educational and other deserving venues. We believe a piano education repays itself to society many times over.

Benefits Of Playing Piano

No other musical instrument encompasses the piano's broad range of musical concepts. Playing piano will improve your quality of life.

Pianos & Life

In addition to the joy piano playing brings, there is an undeniably strong correlation between playing the piano and the development of skills needed to be successful in life.


Pianos & Education

A piano education improves a student’s performance in school. Scientific evidence has proven playing the piano increases a person's abilities in math, science and reading.

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