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Benefits Of Piano

Playing the piano shares so many benefits to those who participate. There have been many medical and academic studies by various organizations showing the vast range of benefits. Music is truly the international language.

Here are a few of the benefits:

Self Confidence – Something we all need during our entire life. Since each person learning to play the piano must achieve their own piano playing abilities, upon doing so it instills in them the ability to realize they can achieve whatever they wish.

Self Esteem – Everyone who plays the piano is the “life of the party” or “the center of the conversation”. Everyone admires those that play which in turn creates a lot of self esteem, a life long benefits we all need.

Self Discipline – Learning to play provides the self discipline in that no other person can give another the ability to play. Playing the piano ability has to be individually earned. Thus, if we discipline ourselves, we can do anything we wish.

Stress Reduction – When playing piano, pianist will tell you they only think of their piano playing during that time and that all other thoughts are out of mind.

Reduces Anxiety, Loneliness, and Depression – The piano becomes pianists best personal friend. Pianist find themselves playing the piano in their highest of highs and lowest of lows in life. Piano playing simply does something for the soul.

Improves Fine Motor Skills – Exercises the eye to both hands and feet the ability to coordinate skills required when playing the piano.

Improves Reading Ability – Studies have shown that reading of music improves their normal reading abilities.

Sharing with Others – The benefits of the joy of playing piano extend to all those around.

Increases IQ – Studies have proven IQ is increased by piano playing.

Mental Therapy – As we age, pianist find that playing the piano is one of their most desired therapies.

There is no denying that playing the piano helps the individual to have better health, better mental health, and makes them a better person for society.