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Donate Time

Thank you for offering us your time. We appreciate having volunteers who share our passion about what playing the piano has meant to them and others.  By working together we can fulfill our purpose of making piano education available to more individuals, which will in turn benefit society in myriad ways.

Below are some of the skill sets we need, most of which can be performed virtually.  Please let us know how you would like to help.

  • Public Speakers – Share our message with various associations, groups, etc. by speaking at their meetings and functions.
  • Board of Director – Serve on our Board of Directors to help direct/guide our organization.
  • Copywriters – Write all types of communications clearly and professionally.
  • Graphic Designer – Design our brochures and forms.
  • Web Designer – Help with design of our website and keep our message up to date.
  • Piano Teacher – Provide reduced-fee or free piano lessons to encourage people to enrich their lives with piano playing. Attend our special events to help answer questions about beginning piano and to recruit new piano students.
  • Piano Tuner/Technician – Tune and service our inventory of donated and loaned pianos.
  • Program Recruiter – Recruit new organizational and venue candidates for grant/piano loan programs.
  • Various Advisory Committees
  • Special Event Greeter – Meet & greet attendees at our special events to acquaint them with what we do.
  • Data Input – Help to input various data into our systems.
  • Electronic Configuration – Help to configure and set up various electronic devices, including computers, tablets, phones, etc.
  • Administrative – Help with many of the administrative tasks for the organization.