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Pianos & Life

Success in Piano, Success in Life, No a Coincidence……

What does an astronaut, a cardiac surgeon, lawyers, a former chief of defense, business managers and entrepreneurs, an Olympic Gold Medalist, a chef, Judges, a music producer all have in common?  Playing the Piano

Did you know:

• 80% of students who study music throughout school graduate from college vs. the national average of 27%?
• the very best engineers and technical designers in the Silicon Valley industry are, nearly without exception, practicing musicians.
• that high school students who participate in the arts are more likely to be charitable as adults?
• secondary students who participated in band or orchestra reported the lowest lifetime and current use of all substances (alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs).
• Students with coursework/experience in music performance and music appreciation scored higher on the SAT: students in music performance scored 57 points higher on the verbal and 41 points higher on the math, and students in music appreciation scored 63 points higher on verbal and 44 points higher on the math, than did students with no arts participation.

In addition to the joy piano playing brings, there is an undeniably strong correlation between playing the piano and the development of skills needed to be successful in life.